Get up to $2500 in Matched Funding to Help Bring Your Business Online

COVID-19 has forced businesses across the country to either close down entirely or reorganize themselves to offer products/services online. Unfortunately, many small business are not equipped for this shift. Investing in e-commerce requires research, time, money, which puts small businesses at a disadvantage. 

Community Futures Peterborough has established a program to help local businesses overcome these disadvantages and thrive online. If you are thinking about updating your website to add e-commerce, now is a perfect time. 


Mobile-First vs. Mobile-Friendly: What’s The Difference?

If your brand wants to be inclusive and relevant in today’s world, your website needs to work on mobile phones. “Mobile-friendly” is no longer a feature – it’s a necessity on the web. At the other end of the spectrum, are “mobile-first” websites.

If you’re looking to re-develop your website or put out an RFP in the next year, here’s what you need to know about mobile websites:


How to Reach Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook

Facebook offers a super targeted marketing platform if leveraged properly, for start-ups, corporations, and non-profits alike. Online campaigns can pinpoint your exact target audience, making your messaging more relevant and direct than ever.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Reach Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook:


3 Reasons Your Website Should Be Accessible

Web accessibility, at its core, is the act of making websites available to everyone, including those with disabilities. Similar to installing a wheelchair ramp to your front door, making your site accessible is simply the right thing to do.

We’ve put together 3 reasons your website should be accessible to those with disabilities:


Why The Speed of Your Website Matters for Business

Google has permanently changed the way people look for information.

People are naturally curious, and we have A LOT of questions that need answers. Often, the fastest way to find a legitimate answer to our questions is to grab our phone and search them on Google. The keyword here is “fastest”. People genuinely care about how fast a website loads.


Marketing Power & Insights From Our Intern Brittany

It’s an amazing thing when a University education meets real-world experience. This summer I had the incredible opportunity of interning at PMD, and as a McMaster University Communications and Multimedia student, it was the perfect place for me to emerge myself into an industry I’m passionate about and soak up all the knowledge I could get my hands on. I expected to learn a ton, but reflecting on my time at PMD I realize how much my skills and knowledge really grew.

I have learned a ton from my University education, but there are certain things I wouldn’t have been able to learn without interning at PMD. This experience has opened my eyes to so many things, but there are 3 major learning lessons that I know I will apply every day in my future career.


Rockin Testimonial

This is music to our ears. We look forward to more groundbreaking success!

We strongly recommend the services of PMD

In the past, we had used Yellow Pages for our website and marketing services. I wasn’t convinced we were getting value and the costs were significant. Our site wasn’t mobile phone friendly and it just lacked any real personality. I felt we could do better.

After meeting with Ken and the team at PMD, we were confident that they would be able to assist us in achieving our goals. PMD worked hard to get to know us, our business and our competitors. They delivered us a creative, innovative, mobile friendly website that was extremely well received by our clients. They then began a targeted on-line marketing campaign. The phones haven’t stop ringing since.

Since working with PMD, we’ve had our best year ever and our sales are up approx. 15% over last year. I simple can’t say enough positive things about the team at PMD. They delivered on time, on budget and made sure everything was done to an exceptional standard.

We will continue to use the services of PMD. They are professional, easy to work with and provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend Promotion Marketing & Design to all local businesses.

— Mike & Meloney,