3 Reasons Your Website Should Be Accessible

Web accessibility, at it’s core, is the act of making websites available to everyone, including those with disabilities. Similar to installing a wheel chair ramp to your front door, making your site accessible is simply the right thing to do. We’ve put together 3 reasons your website should be accessible to those with disabilities: 1) Web… Read More

Why The Speed of Your Website Matters for Business

Google has permanently changed the way people look for information. People are naturally curious, and we have A LOT of questions that need answers. Often, the fastest way to find a legitimate answer to our questions is to grab our phone and search them on Google. The keyword here is “fastest”. People genuinely care about… Read More

Marketing Power & Insights From Our Intern Brittany

It’s an amazing thing when a University education meets real world experience. This summer I had the incredible opportunity of interning at PMD, and as a McMaster University Communications and Multimedia student it was the perfect place for me to emerge myself into an industry I’m passionate about and soak up all the knowledge I… Read More

Rockin Testimonial: Miller Pest Control

This is music to our ears. We look forward to more groundbreaking success! We strongly recommend the services of PMD In the past, we had used Yellow Pages for our website and marketing services. I wasn’t convinced we were getting value and the costs were significant. Our site wasn’t mobile phone friendly and it just… Read More

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

People are spending more and more time on the web, which has led to a dramatic shift in the way local businesses distribute their budgets. It’s no surprise that business owners are realizing digital marketing can make a large impact with a small budget. But for many businesses, getting started with digital is the hardest part. Creating a strategy… Read More

Big Ideas are Simple Ideas

Creating effective advertising is no easy task. Businesses fail at it all the time. The best marketing ideas are always the most simple. One core concept that works across any type of media and defines a brand’s personality –> That’s what makes great advertising. Newcastle Beer’s “No Bollocks” campaign is a good example of a very simple idea… Read More