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What You Need To Know About The Google Guarantee Program

Google is constantly looking for new opportunities to provide users with accurate and reliable search results. The Google-developed its Guarantee Program to establish trustworthiness among home services such as plumbers, HVAC technicians, and locksmiths. In this article, you will learn more about the program. We believe that the Google Guarantee program will make a big… Read More

Wally's Flower Wagon Truck

Client Success Story: Building Local SEO with Wally’s Flower Wagon

Many small businesses are finding success shifting to online advertising, and you can too. Wally is the quintessential local small business owner. He’s lived and worked in Peterborough all his life and run Flower Wagon Disposal LTD. for the past 15 years. Wally prides himself on his trucks, low environmental impact, and his quality of… Read More

Mobile-First vs. Mobile-Friendly: What’s The Difference?

If your brand wants to be inclusive and relevant in today’s world, your website needs to work on mobile phones. “Mobile-friendly” is no longer a feature – it’s a necessity on the web. At the other end of the spectrum, are “mobile-first” websites. If you’re looking to re-develop your website or put out an RFP… Read More

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How to Reach Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook

Facebook offers a super targeted marketing platform if leveraged properly, for start-ups, corporations, and non-profits alike. Online campaigns can pinpoint your exact target audience, making your messaging more relevant and direct than ever. Here Are Some Tips on How to Reach Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook: It should come as no surprise that Facebook… Read More

3 Reasons Your Website Should Be Accessible

Web accessibility, at it’s core, is the act of making websites available to everyone, including those with disabilities. Similar to installing a wheel chair ramp to your front door, making your site accessible is simply the right thing to do. We’ve put together 3 reasons your website should be accessible to those with disabilities: 1) Web… Read More

Why The Speed of Your Website Matters for Business

Google has permanently changed the way people look for information. People are naturally curious, and we have A LOT of questions that need answers. Often, the fastest way to find a legitimate answer to our questions is to grab our phone and search them on Google. The keyword here is “fastest”. People genuinely care about… Read More