How to Reach Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook

Facebook Business Manager Screen

Facebook offers a super targeted marketing platform if leveraged properly, for start-ups, corporations, and non-profits alike. Online campaigns can pinpoint your exact target audience, making your messaging more relevant and direct than ever.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Reach Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook:

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is a highly effective advertising tool – people let Facebook know where they live, what they like, what they dislike, where they’re going, who they’re friends with, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you create a boosted post or promotion on your business Facebook page, you have the option to create a custom audience.

Facebook demographics settings

Selecting the age and gender of your audience is a no brainer. But really think about what your audience is interested in? And how does that relate to your messaging and creative?

This is what you should define when selecting your campaign’s audience:

  • What is their job position? Where do they work?
  • What books do they read?
  • What type of movies do they enjoy most?
  • Do they own their homes or do they rent?
  • Are they more likely to be in a relationship or single?
  • What type of stores do they visit most?
  • What other brands do they associate with and like?
  • What type of restaurants would they prefer to eat at? Fine dining or fast food?

Answering these questions about your target audience will help you reach people that are interested in your messaging. Are these questions unconventional? Yes. But Facebook is collecting this type of information, whether you use it for your marketing or not.

As marketers, we have the tools to do better than simply define age, gender, and location. Let’s use them to make sure we reach people that are interested in our campaigns and find value in our services.

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