Why E-Learning is Different With Whatever Solutions & Media

Why Our E-Learning is Different

Our objective is to create e-learning modules that enable students to engage with your course curriculum through an interactive experience. It is more than just watching videos, reading heaps of text, and taking a test.

The interactive experience engages users by requiring them to participate throughout the module. These interactions will drive the flow of content, keep users focused on the course, and help improve comprehension.

An effective online learning program must understand exactly who the target audience is and their reasons for taking the course. We then help you build e-learning modules that are accessible for your audience and encourage learning.

For over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses and not-for-profit organizations across Canada develop engaging e-learning content. We’re award-winning e-learning experts who understand the technology and content design.

The Guiding Principals of Our E-Learning

Encouraging Independence

Learners need to feel as though they’re directing themselves. Training programs need to actively involve adult learners in the process; instructors must encourage feedback and ensure that content incorporates the interests of their learners.

Most importantly, adult learners need to be reassured that online learning is absolutely necessary to help them reach personal and work‐related goals.

Setting Goals

A well‐organized online learning program with clearly‐defined subjects and goals will help your students find success. Let your students know the expectations and purpose of your course upfront to help them plan for success.

Content is King

Working professionals, like most learners, may not be interested in knowledge for its own sake. The training content needs to be concise and practical. It needs to be apparent how the training will be relevant in the work environment.

Never Patronize

Offer working professionals information that will help them progress and succeed. Nothing is worse than sitting through boring a seminar filled with irrelevant or unhelpful information.

  • Steer clear of content that’s “filler” and focus on the material that’s useful.
  • Avoid jargon.
  • And show respect.