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Whatever Solutions & Media is more than just a leading web design company in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Our expertise includes brand strategy and online marketing to help you expand your reach and meet your business goals.

We deliver custom, mobile-friendly websites that help to improve user experience and drive more conversions. We can help you complete locally through strong SEO or launch e-commerce using WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify.

We offer the full suite of services designed to help your business thrive.
Social media campaigns, Google Ads, logo design, email marketing, video production, creative delivery, and more!

When you are looking for a web design and marketing agency, choose the company that offers both best in class website creation and proven digital marketing experience.

Strategy…because success doesn’t just happen.

At the heart of every marketing project is that ‘lofty goal’. To drive results. Improve the brand. Compete for market authority. Make something happen.

The challenge is…that ‘lofty goal’. It’s rarely defined. Metrics and measurement become lost. Design talk takes the stage….and strategic planning takes the backseat.

At WSM, strategic thinking remains at the core of everything we do. From clearly defined goals and carefully crafted content to engineered SEO support and streamlined navigation, strategy ensures we arrive at the destination. On time. On budget.

Strategy rides shotgun…it’s never a backseat passenger.

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Stand out

Stand Out From Your Competition

Build a mobile-friendly, optimized site and rank higher in local searches.


Get Your Message Seen

Advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram and wherever else your customers are.

Domain name

Grow Your Business Online

Sell directly to your customers online with e-commerce tools.

Don’t get lost among the competition, get professional help. We can get your online marketing on track with our proven experience. Our team has helped hundreds of businesses in Peterborough and we can make yours stand out and attract new customers.

Branding… because it’s not about your logo.

Your online footprint is becoming your brand. It’s a reflection of your organization’s personality and core values as it shines across your website and social channels. As digital streams converge, organizations have a remarkable opportunity to engage with new audiences by delivering meaningful content that can be promoted and shared, driving your message and brand forward. Call it a new spin on an old concept – word of mouth advertising. It works.

As your audience grows, they become your new brand ambassadors, sharing your vision and services among their trusted peers. But it’s a crowded community and you need a strategy, so let’s get started.

At WSM, we’ll help you step apart from the crowd.

Social Media… because word of mouth still works best.

Integrated marketing strategies seek to understand how various platforms are working together to support your organization’s goals and objectives? Without a strategy, random posts are nothing but noise and clutter in an over-crowded venue. Meaningless and ineffective. However, strategic social media activity can play a huge role in driving website traffic, creating search authority and creating custom audiences who will serve as brand ambassadors. Measured and managed, social media is the new word of mouth marketing.

Get the word out.

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$8 Billion

Spent on Digital Advertising in Canada Last Year

Turn your Facebook traffic into sales with an effective online marketing campaign. Facebook’s powerful advertising tools allow you to put your business in front of the most ideal customers for your products or services.

See why businesses of all sizes are leveraging social media to connect with customers and grow sales. Using the advanced targeting features of social media, content can be pushed out to the best audience possible for your business to connect with.

Connect with your customers where they are through social media.

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Google on tablet

Leverage the Power of Google Advertising

Put your business at the top of the search results.

Paid search advertising on Google will put your business in front of motivated customers. When someone searches your products, your ad appears at the top of the results page.

Stop Watch

75% of people take action within one hour of their initial online search.

So what are you waiting for? Be there in the moments that matter!

Grow Your Business with Google Ads

If your competitors regularly appear above you in search results for your products or services there are ways to fight back.

Ranking higher on local searches will improve traffic to your website and your sales. Dozens of factors impact how well your business performs online and there is no short cut to the front page of Google but we can help.

On average:


PositionGets clicked on 33% of the time


PositionGets clicked on 17.6% of the time


PositionGets clicked on 11.4%% of the time

Through optimizing your website, Google My Business Listing, and other web tools your business will climb to the top results on Google.

Optimized Web Content

Optimized Web Content

Google My business

Effective Google My Business Listings

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Web Development... because just having a website isn’t good enough.

Your website can do better. No question. But do what better?

What are the options? How will we measure ‘better’? How are our competitors doing? What does Google think of our efforts? Can we manage our website content? How do we integrate digital platforms?

Chances are you have lots of questions. The good news is we’ve got answers. For over 20 years, we’ve helped organizations ‘just like yours’ ask the right questions, understand the options and evaluate the answers.

See why leading organizations including not-for-profits, governments and businesses of all sizes, from across North America to the Kawartha’s , have turned to WSM for affordable, professional web development services.

At WSM, We’ll help you define better, create a better strategy, measure better and actually do better.

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