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Social Media Marketing

We use paid ads on Facebook, Instagram & Google to get businesses more customers.

Did you know that more than $4 Billion was spent on digital advertising in Canada this year? Here’s why – organic (unpaid) marketing on social media is dead for businesses. Firing out random posts and photos over social media is simply not enough for your business to compete on the web anymore. To get your unique offer and message in front of the right people, you need a paid social media marketing campaign. If you are new to social media marketing or your business already has experience using social media advertising, we can turn your Facebook traffic into sales with a powerful online marketing campaign. We know exactly how to use Facebook’s advertising tools to put your unique message and offer in front of the most ideal customers for your products/services. During your social media marketing campaign, we’ll build you a list of qualified prospects and continue connecting with them online until they’re paying customers. Our team of social media marketing experts will professionally manage your online campaign and track every click, action, and lead. Your new leads get emailed to you as they happen in real-time. And we’ll update you every month with clear reports that detail how your budget was spent and who your customers really are. Powerful stuff.

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Local SEO & Online Search Advertising

Reach the right people at exactly the right time with a professionally managed SEO & Google AdWords campaign for your business.

The number one question we get asked by business owners, is “How can I get to the top of Google?”. There are a number of different paths a business can take to boost their online search rankings and get in front of qualified customers using SEO (search engine optimization) and paid search advertising. Our team of certified Google professionals will put your business on the right path with an online search marketing strategy. The first step to understanding local SEO is to discover how your website ranks for your customer’s most popular search terms. We can provide you complete insight into how your website ranks on Google compared to your competitors, and tell you the best search engine marketing strategy to get your business into the top 3 Google search positions. On average, position 1 gets clicked on 33% of the time, position 2 – 17.6%, and position 3 – 11.4% of the time. In addition to climbing the organic (unpaid) Google listings with SEO, your business can achieve more qualified website traffic and leads with paid search marketing campaigns. Paid search advertising will put your business in front of some of the most motivated customers in your area. When someone searches for the products and services you offer, your ad appears above the organic (unpaid) search results. 75% of people take action within one hour of their initial online search. So what are you waiting for? Be there in the moments that matter!

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Full-Service Web Design, Graphic Design & Branding Agency

We can get your marketing on track with our proven design and branding expertise. With over 15 years of design experience for businesses and non-profits, we have the expertise to lift your branding from dull and boring to out of this world.

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