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Looking for a better way to deliver your training online?

From simple animated presentations to professional videos and interactive modules, you can build a digital education tool to meet your organization’s specific needs and budget.

Create a powerful, affordable LMS that will outperform the competition. Utilize the power of WordPress to enable you to achieve real results that are affordable and effective.

Build Better E-Learning

Leverage New Ways To Train

COVID has had a far-reaching effect on every aspect of our lives. Many organizations are struggling to maintain how they do business, including how they educate and train new and existing team members.

In-person training poses risks to attendees and travel restrictions may further limit if your team can meet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t uphold the same high standards for training.

There are many options for effective online training and education that can help your team continue to develop.

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Build Better Online Training With Better Tools

The foundation of every good e-learning program is a robust learning management system (LMS). We leverage the versatility of WordPress to offer you the most comprehensive and flexible LMS available. Manage content, enrollment, student progress, and what units have successfully completed.

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Take Control of Your Online Training

Our LMS supports a wide variety of content from basic slides to video, to fully interactive modules. And you can track the progress of any student.

  • Easily manage enrollment and track student progress
  • Combine a variety of types of content to create effective e-learning
  • Add quizzes & tests to ensure that your content is being absorbed
  • Set minimum scores to unlock new units
  • Schedule units to roll out based on a course calendar
  • Quickly identify which students have completed their training or certifications

If you’re buried under a mountain of e-learning content or frustrated with an expensive, cumbersome LMS, we’re here and ready to help.

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Create Effective & Engaging Content

Working professionals, like most learners, may not be interested in knowledge for its own sake. The training content needs to be concise and practical. It needs to be apparent how the training will be relevant in their work environment. Perhaps most importantly, it needs to be engaging.

One of the most challenging issues in e-learning is developing effective content. The last thing you want is for your audience to be reading through a series of boring slides of just text. Time after time this approach fails to leave lasting knowledge. This is where our e-learning experts can step in and help you, the content expert, design engaging courses that will promote self-driven learning.

From simple animated presentations to professional videos to fully interactive Articulate Storyline modules, you can build a digital education tool to meet your organization’s specific needs and budget.

Learn Why E-Learning is Different With Us

Peer to Peer Networking

We can even include Peer to Peer networking solutions that will encourage and support your team in remote learning. We’ve got a solution that will enable you to share documents and videos, garner feedback, and encourage collaboration. All within a private network. Peersite is a great way to augment your online learning.

Better Online Training Means Better Employee Performance

Our objective is to create e-learning modules that enable students to engage with your course curriculum through an interactive experience. It is more than just watching videos, reading heaps of text, and taking a test.

The interactive experience engages users by requiring them to participate throughout the module. These interactions will drive the flow of content, keep users focused on the course, and help improve comprehension.

An effective online learning program must understand exactly who the target audience is and their reasons for taking the course. We will help you build e-learning modules that are accessible for your audience and encourage learning.

The result is more engaged students and longer-lasting, better results in the workplace.

Learn Why E-Learning is Different With Us

Our Experience

For over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses and not-for-profit organizations across Canada develop engaging e-learning content. We’re award-winning e-learning experts who understand the technology and content design.

We have worked on e-learning and online training projects with:

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