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6 Key Tips to Help You Selling Online More Effectively

Canadians are shopping online in record numbers and COVID-19 is accelerating this trend. In fact, recent statistics published by Canada Post indicate that 8 out of 10 Canadians shopped online in 2019. They spent an estimated $65 billion and that total is expected to rise to $108 billion by 2023. 32% of shoppers indicated they… Read More

If Your Business Isn’t Selling Online, You’re Missing Out

This year we have seen tremendous disruption across industries, but one of the most impacted has been retail. Retailers of all sizes have scrambled to meet new challenges. From the shutdown of physical stores to Amazon’s shipping delays, no one has escaped the effect of COVID. We have seen that the businesses that have focused… Read More

Better Late Than Never: 5 Reasons to Start Selling Online

76% of Canadian Households are Shopping Online That’s a lot of people! Getting started with an online store is easier and more affordable than ever before. For small to medium businesses, massive growth and success on the web are within arms reach. 1) Stay Open 24/7 Without Working 24/7 Sales can be made at any… Read More