Competitive Positioning Report

Do You Know Where Your Website Stands?

Understanding how your site competes for online search is critical for anyone wanting to grow their business. Our experts use powerful tools to help you better understand how your website performs against your top competition. As part of the development process, our team will create competitive positioning reports (CPR) and continue to measure your site against your competitors after launch.

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What You Get From a CPR

A web presence analysis is a custom report that makes it easy to understand exactly how to improve your website’s performance, content, and Google rankings. You will be given a free report that clearly shows how your website is performing against your competitors and the steps you can take to boost your company’s online presence.

Stand out

Your business’s Google positions for high-impact search terms.


Your competitor’s Google positions for the same search terms.

Domain name

A Full SEO audit of your current website and how to improve your Google search rankings.

Our comprehensive audit of your website also includes testing its compatibility, accessibility, load speed, and responsiveness. When we are done, our report will help you better understand how to improve your local SEO.

SEO is Continuously Evolving.

Whether it is mobile-first or BERT, we stay on top of Google’s algorithm so you don’t have to. If your website is even only a few years old it may be time to check under the hood. A CPR is the first step to helping you identify your opportunities to improve your SEO and your web presence. 

Stay In Control With Data-Driven Decisions

The first step to achieving online growth is receiving your web presence report. Make better informed, data-driven decisions and start making an impact.

When it comes to your website, you can’t afford not to be in the driver’s seat. Your custom report will help you lead the way forward and understand where you need to focus your efforts.