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Why The Speed of Your Website Matters for Business

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Google has permanently changed the way people look for information. People are naturally curious, and we have A LOT of questions that need answers. Often, the fastest way to find a legitimate answer to our questions is to grab our phone and search them on Google. The keyword here is “fastest”. People genuinely care about… Read more »

Rockin Testimonial

This is music to our ears. We look forward to more groundbreaking success! We strongly recommend the services of PMD In the past, we had used Yellow Pages for our website and marketing services. I wasn’t convinced we were getting value and the costs were significant. Our site wasn’t mobile phone friendly and it just… Read more »

Better Late Than Never: 5 Reasons to Start Selling Online

76{d4b17f0732e4c495eee51c03ad16a7030b4f9cb6b01c343ccd4bc177abc39f72} of Canadian Households are Shopping Online That’s a lot of people! Getting started with an online store is easier and more affordable than ever before. For small to medium businesses, massive growth and success on the web is within arms reach. 1) Stay Open 24/7 Without Working 24/7 Sales can be made at anytime. Go… Read more »