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About the Project

Miller Pest Control has been providing complete pest control services to home and cottage owners throughout central Ontario for over 35 years. As a previous client of Yellow Pages, Miller Pest Control realizes the power of a strong digital marketing strategy, but wasn’t happy with the non-personable service being provided by Yellow Pages. We were more than happy to take on their new project and deliver personal service and localized support. New goals for the website were set, and we revamped Miller’s website with keyword research based search engine optimization, mobile-friendly design, and the WordPress content management system.

Search Engine Optimization

Miller Pest Control knows their customers and their techniques of finding pest control services better than anyone. The pest control industry is largely driven by getting leads through a website. But most importantly, people frequently turn to to their phone or computer to search “how do I get rid of mice” and other similar terms after realizing they have a pest problem. It was an absolute necessity to capitalize on those searches and get as many people as possible into Miller’s new website.

Our team put together custom-built keyword ranking reports for Miller Pest Control based on popular search terms, their main competition, and specific locations across Ontario. We used the keyword reports to develop content packed with interesting information for home/cottage owners. This positioned Miller Pest Control as a knowledge source for pest control. The website features a “Pest Identifier” tool where people can search for their pest based on key attributes and learn how to get rid of them, and also how Miller Pest Control will treat their pest infestation.

WordPress Development

Rebuilding the website in WordPress put the foundation down for strong search engine optimization and continuous content updates through blogging. The flexibility and ease of use of a WordPress website allows Miller Pest Control to achieve their goals in dominating Ontario for relevant online searches pertaining to their business.

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