4 Clear Signs That You’re Wasting Money on Marketing


“I’m spending $(insert budget here) on marketing, but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything. Can you help?”

Here are 4 clear warning signs that your marketing/website budget is being flushed down the drain:

1) The Phone Book Company

Concerns over phone book advertising are all too common. Business owners are spending too much and getting too little in return. There has been an obvious shift in the way people find businesses. But instead of accepting defeat, phone book companies are continuing to sell dead-end advertising and online listings to their clients. (Take note: online listings are FREE through Google)

To top it all off, phone book companies are selling outdated websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, resulting in poor performance and discoverability on Google. Considering 76% of Canadians own smartphones, missing out on mobile phone users isn’t a viable option for businesses that want to survive in today’s world. If you’re using the phone book company and would like to know how your business is performing on the web, request a free report here.


2) No One Did a Competitive Analysis

Ongoing competitive analysis is absolutely crucial for a business to stay on top and cut through the clutter. Potential customers need to know what makes YOUR business unique. Why should they choose you? A competitive analysis will help ensure your marketing and website clearly communicates what makes you different to new and potential customers.

Example Competitive SEO Report: Showing Google Rankings by Keyword


3) No Performance Reporting or Analytics

If you’re not actively viewing (or being presented with) website analytics or campaign performance reports, we have some bad news for you – your marketing probably isn’t going so well. And if analytics like impressions, conversions, or website traffic isn’t being tracked, STOP NOW. These metrics are crucial to make data-driven decisions and improvements to your website or ad campaign in the future.

4) The Strategy is “Set It & Forget It”

The reality is that it’s easier to just keep doing the same thing than to come up with new ideas and content. But new ideas and fresh content are what make marketing interesting. You should want to work with a website and marketing company that’s passionate about your business. The best results come from challenging the status quo, not doing the same thing over and over again.

If your business has experienced any of these warning signs, it’s time to rethink your website and marketing strategy. Through a consultative approach, we offer businesses complete insight into their current positioning and competitive landscape.

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