Web Presence Optimization

Our approach to building a business’s web presence is driven by its overall goals and objectives. We implement a blend of creativity, website analytics, online search data, and marketing strategy to optimize online presences and websites. The goal of the entire process is to better understand how a business is currently performing on the web, and discover what steps need to be taken in order to effectively reach & communicate with desired audiences and customers.

Case Scenario

  • Key online search terms are developed based on discussions and your communication goals
  • Our team researches relevant search terms and conducts an advanced web presence analysis
  • Detailed reports are created outlining how the business currently displays and ranks across the web for relevant search terms
  • The overall search volumes from specific geographic regions are presented
  • Activities to continually optimize the websites are assigned to our project team members based on our findings and advanced analytics

We would use this data to make informed decisions when structuring out and developing content for the business’s website. This process is essential for ensuring long term success and increased visibility on the web.

Social Media Communication Strategy

A clear social media strategy is something that can’t be undervalued.

There are some very simple ways to boost an online presence using social media, and it all starts with a clear strategy. The strategy revolves around two influencing factors:

  • On-site content
  • Off-site content

On-site content is everything that is continually updated on a website. This includes news posts, events, documents, page content, and more. The website acts as the central hub of information. Off-site content is made up of the different social media outlets and external websites that information is shared on. It’s how people find out about website updates and things such as a newly added event or blog post. The key is to always drive traffic back to the original business website, as it’s the central hub of information.